A Home-Microwaved Meal

“I would like to invite you over for a home-microwaved meal.”


I’m not sure you would have too many dinner guests if this is the type of meal you are featuring for a fun get-together with friends! HOWEVER, I will not be the one to knock leftovers. Leftovers are essential for the busy and bustling households many of us are a part of. I will even add, some convenience foods are essential for many of these same households.

That doesn’t mean to bring on the frozen pizzas and chicken wings. That doesn’t mean extra dressing and cheese sauce. That doesn’t mean to put a hold on fresh fruits and veggies.

Leftovers and convenience foods can still work to build a more balanced plate-the goal! Let’s say you did have friends over for a little get-together (and decided to be more classy than nuking a Marie Calender’s minute steak). You grilled chicken and hamburgers. Only a few pieces of meat remain and the sides were demolished (you are such a good cook!).

Chicken or hamburger-you pick! Chop this up and fill a whole wheat tortilla. Doctor this up with a little cheese, guacamole and/or beans, and heat on the stove top. Perhaps when the quesadilla is finished, you (use the same pan, let’s be honest no one enjoys dishes, and) sauté some asparagus. Pop open a fruit cup (in it’s own juice!).  How about that?!

Quick and convenient. Nutritious and delicious.

Home-microwaved meals take creativity (but not much time!). What have you tried that works well in a time-crunch?

Photo by Pic Jumbo.

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