Throwback Thursday Reminds Me…

“Throwback Thursday reminds me of when I only had to take one type of medication.”


There have been areas in the United States where fruits and vegetables have been prescribed by doctors. Patients can fill these prescriptions at participating grocery stores, eliminating the single largest barrier to eating more fruits and veggies—affordability. Sure, access to these foods can be a struggle, as well as learning to prepare them, but being able to afford them, that is the kicker.

I am looking forward to the day when “5 fruit and vegetable servings per day” is listed under a patient’s medication list.

Just picture it, sending patients to the grocery store and having them leave with a basket full of fresh produce instead of pill bottles. A dream!  According to Medical Daily, “The key to the program’s success may be that it focuses on prevention as opposed to treating a disease, like obesity, after it’s too late.” Prevention.

No one is going to argue that a well-balanced plate is important in treating diabetes, heart disease, etc. But I would have to agree that getting in the fruits and veggies before the diagnosis is just as important.

Fruits & Vegetables. Get on my plate.

This #ThrowbackThursday, think what it would be like for everyone to be on one type of medication: fruits and vegetables. Minimal side-effects, too :)

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