Simple as Math: Dieting 101

“People say that dieting is as simple as doing the math, but I was never very good at math.”



I may not have been the best at math, but I was an expert at Tetris. That was the reason they had us buy the fancy calculators in high school, right? To keep us entertained when the +’s or –‘s start to make your brain hurt. (My TI-83 Plus may or may not still be sitting on my desk as I type now, not that I’m interested in Tetris anymore. Course not!)

To say a “diet” is as simple as making the +’s and –‘s work may be the understatement of the year. If that were the case, we wouldn’t have more than 30% of the population struggling with obesity. Crunching the number of calories, all those +’s and –‘s, actually reminds me of high school math…my brain hurts.

One reason your for the brain pain could be that “It’s Not All About the Calories”. Those calories can come creeping for all sorts of reasons.

Now, for when the calorie count doesn’t add up quite right (adding pounds on the scale instead). Frustrating. Depressing. Guilty. Angry. Worthless. Overwhelming. My. Brain. Hurts.

How can this be a little easier? Maybe not perfect, but still effective. Apply a touch of Tetris (seemed to work well in the past!).

Tetris has different levels, some slower than others. Slow down your eating. Give yourself plenty of time to not only feel full, but also, to make better choices (shapes or food, you decide).

Tetris also has different shapes, some fitting better in one place than others. Some food choices fit better with others to balance out the plate. Use the correct shape (food choice) to fill in the blanks appropriately and keep from quickly piling to the top. Whoops, better try again!

Finally, Tetris allows you to flip and flop the shape around. Change things up. Variety with food is a wonderful thing. Squares, rectangles, and L’s, OH MY!

It sure helps to have one of those fancy calculators to make dieting “as simple as  doing the math”.

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