Food for the Soul

“Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul.”

-Dorothy Day

Previously, people were eating to survive (not to mention, were far more active). Hunters and gatherers were up, down and all around (not sitting behind a computer as I am right now). It may take me an extra five minutes to swing by the grocery store on my way home tonight. But, it may have taken them an extra five hours of manual labor for a meal.

The world has changed, for sure. Now, we don’t for survival. We eat for lots of  reasons. One of my favorite reasons being enjoyment.

I genuinely love food. Love the taste, the texture, the smell. Yum!

I do have a specific list of foods that I would consider to be “good for the soul”. My soul food doesn’t just feed my stomach, but it feeds my spirits (and like others, my list doesn’t vary too greatly from that of a stereotypical American).

I love cinnamon and pumpkin in the fall. I want (or need) mac and cheese some days. Chocolate cake is my favorite, especially when it is hidden under a thick layer of chocolatey-peanut butter icing. I may as well add: chocolatey-peanut butter-anything.

If you told me that I was never allowed to indulge in one of my soul foods, I would likely throw a fit. That fit would look like me wanting it more often and in excessive amounts. I would become a bottomless pit. However, if I were told I could have these foods here-and-there, I could deal with that. Sometimes, you need to feed your soul!

My advice: have these foods when the craving is extra strong, not when the thought just pops into your head. And when you do have these, try and cut down the portion size. Then, I want you to enjoy them…guilt-free. Feed your soul effectively!

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