To Eat or Not To Eat Breakfast

“I just ran my first marathon this morning. Just kidding. I’m on my third cupcake.”


The struggle for breakfast options is real. And what can be even more frustrating is when you eat breakfast and are hungrier than if you’d have skipped it altogether. What a waste!

Stop right there. My guess is you’d have little something for breakfast, keeping it “light”, for calories in must equal calories out (and most of us didn’t run a marathon that morning). A piece of fruit or a small bowl of oatmeal?  Both nutritious, not to mention delicious, options, but they need some support. Bring on the protein!

Protein has the effect of controlling your appetite well and preventing a mid-morning crash.

Furthermore, many people find that consuming adequate protein for breakfast will actually decrease their cravings later on in the day. Whether it decreases the cravings or makes it easier to decide that it is your brain talking and not your stomach, that is up to you. Either way, portion of protein works well with meals.

Here are a few of my favorite breakfast combinations. A little prep ahead of time will go a long way for your control your appetite. A growling stomach turns my frown right upside down, so give these a try!


Breakfast casserole with sausage, egg, cheese and hash browns, like this

Fruit & Greek yogurt parfait, sprinkled with granola

Breakfast enchiladas, like this

Breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese and Canadian bacon on a whole wheat English muffin

Steel cut oats, topped with whole fruit and mixed nuts

Two-egg veggie omelet with a piece of fruit

Peanut butter whole wheat toast with sliced banana

Breakfast taquitos, like this

Bran muffin, a glass of milk and two hard-boiled eggs


You may not have ran a marathon this morning, but you CAN have a decent breakfast!

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