Chocolate Doesn’t Ask

“Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions…chocolate understands.”


It can be so frustrating when someone blurts out their two-cents while you are wallowing in the pits or are just needing a sounding wall to work the stress out. For example, “Don’t sweat the petty stuff” (How about you pet the sweaty stuff). Or “Calm down” (fueling the fire even more).

It’s no wonder that many find comfort in the silence with food.

Although food doesn’t have much to say, it can still cause guilt…no matter how understanding it can be. The guilt often  comes as a result of a larger-than-you’d-have-liked portion. Whoops! A little Dove here, a little Hershey here, and a little Ghirardelli there. Isn’t that the dream? To be able control that sweet tooth.

If that tiny portion of chocolate isn’t working, what are your other options when you just want to wallow? I like some of these ideas mentioned in the Huffington Post.

Eagle yoga pose,

deep breathe,


progressive relaxation,

or chew a piece of gum.

As you may notice, food is mentioned in 3 out of the 20 ideas. MANY find comfort in food. Let’s give these other ideas a shot as alternatives. Even better, find someone who doesn’t ask silly questions so that chocolate doesn’t have to be the only one to understand!

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