“I order my meals based on what’ll look best on Instagram.”


I have spent my fair share of hours on social media, and I feel like the bulk of the information I scroll through is LOW CARB or GLUTEN-FREE or PALEO or RAW or CLEAN. I haven’t found too many people posting on the ideal plate method with an appropriately divided plate and portions. Now THAT would be photo-worthy!

I would challenge you for one week to take a picture of all the foods you eat (hold the filters!). Review these “food records” at the end of your day. How do your plates compare to the recommended variety of high fiber carbohydrate choices with lean protein, fruits and veggies? The more color, the better. And the less likely that you will need to add any photo filters!

Recording food intake with pictures provides accountability without restrictions.

You can learn more about the foods you eat by visualizing the portion sizes and remembering how you felt after that meal. No pass or fail, or right or wrong. Make food choices that will look best on your Instagram “food records”.

Photo by Pic Jumbo.

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