I’m Blaming the Holidays for This One

“My favorite part of the holiday season is blaming my long-term weight gain on the holiday season.”


What a day, Independence Day 2016! And by day, I mean weekend. Bring on the fireworks, poppers, friends, family and FOOD. Lots of food.

The holidays can make it very easy to overeat. And my guess is, if you take away the food, you may take away some of the celebration. How can someone fully celebrate a holiday while still being mindful of any health goals?

I wish there was an easy DO THIS, NOT THAT answer to this question, but unfortunately, there is not. It goes back to why we overeat in any other situations, whether it be the food tasting good, we don’t want to waste money, other people are still eating, etc. Today, on Independence Day, the fact that it is a holiday could be the trigger.

Keep in mind, that is the brain’s idea, not your stomach.

I believe the reason that holidays are especially tough for eating mindfully is how closely related the celebration and food is. Sometimes, if you take away the food, the good-times go downhill. Other times, you can take away the food and not feel a loss. You be the judge of that.

To still enjoy some tasty treats over this holiday, I recommend choosing one of the following strategies (or make up your own!): eat food only from your plate or only when you are sitting at the table or only while using a fork. By putting a greater barrier between you and the food, you really have to think about it!

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