New Weight Loss Tool

“I don’t need a personal trainer so much as I need someone to follow me around and slap the unhealthy foods out of my hand.”


This could be the next weight loss surgery, just wait. You could put an extra arm on (I’m imagining it being like a back-pack) which has the sole purpose of knocking “unhealthy” food choices out of your hand. If you pick up a cookie…POW…the arm flips over your shoulder and destroys the tasty treat.

The real question is, however, how often would you really end up wearing this “back-pack” arm?

I could see myself becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, and ultimately, ashamed. I would miss some of my favorite foods! Where did this list of healthy or unhealthy foods come from anyway? I don’t think it is fair to put a halo over some foods and crossbones over others. Every food has a time and place, and it is up to you to figure out what that looks like.

This speaks to your motivation to want to change.

It requires a great deal of effort and attention to develop a more healthy relationship with food, and even more so, to manage weight or other health outcomes.

The easy way out is the “back-pack” arm to make your food choices for you. I challenge you to take responsibility for your actions. One of the first steps to eating more mindfully is making a conscious decision to eat. It was your choice to eat the cookie (for this reason or that), not because you somehow managed to dodge the mechanical hand swinging over your shoulder to smash it.

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  1. Hey Gretchen,
    I was on the hunt for weight loss materials today and found this post on your website.
    Thank you for this simple and concise article.
    Keep making such good post!


    1. Paul,

      Thank you for your kind words, I’m happy to hear you stumbled upon my blog. I look forward to reading more on Rigor Fitness!


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