Added Sugars

“I wasn’t going to eat it. I was just going to taste it.”

-Winnie the Pooh

With the Food and Drug Administration releasing the new Nutrition Facts Panel, there has been increased talk on “added sugars”. People pushed for quite some time for this information to be added to the nutrition label for the purpose of improved visibility. And voila, it has been done!

Now, it seems that listing any added sugar in grams is still not meeting the needs of the people. We want this amount listed in teaspoons. Grams are confusing!

Additional comments continue to circulate the public about “natural” sugar vs high-fructose corn syrup vs cane sugar. The difference among these various sources being the ratio of fructose:glucose. Should this be added to the label as well?


Sugar is sugar is sugar. Rather, consider whether it is combined with fiber or fat. For example, berries contain both sugar and a good source of fiber, whereas a brownie contains sugar and a good source of fat. Berries are a better food choice, regardless of where this sugar is coming from.

I don’t think we needed a nutrition label to tell us that.

And furthermore, fiber and fat are already on the nutrition label. Great places to look, as well!

Increasing nutrition education does help us make more informed eating decisions; however, I fear that these requests for additional edits to the nutrition label is an attempt to plead naive. If we don’t know, then it is easier to rationalize any poor food choices.

Take responsibility for the foods you decide to eat. Build a balanced plate with a variety of high fiber grains, paired with a lean source of protein, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and milk. First things first, learn how to build a balanced plate to enjoy more than a taste. Then, let’s take a look at that nutrition label further.


O’Connor, A. Is Sugar Really Bad for You? It Depends. Retrieved June 08, 2016, from

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