Drink This, Not That

“I’d like a Coke please.”

“Is Pepsi okay?”

“Is Monopoly money okay?”


There is conflicting research regarding diet soda vs. regular soda. Toss in the new and improved soda pop with PURE cane sugar, and now we are all sorts of confused!

Some may believe that drinking regular soda would be best, using moderation and portion control always. These people may fear ingesting chemicals. When bombarded with images of cross-bones covering the word “diet” and reviewing a list of foods to AVOID from the potential toxic effects, it does make the stuff seem pretty freaky. Just a helpful hint to keep us all on the same page, however…sugar is a chemical as well, sometimes it goes by C12H22O11. Perhaps that will be the next marketing venture for major soda companies, plastered front and center on the soda pop can! (Don’t even get me started on the aluminum can vs. plastic bottle. Sustainability is fair from my area of expertise.)

Some may be subbing out the regular soda for diet soda in attempt to decrease total calories consumed each day. Fewer calories means weight loss…sometimes. There has been research suggesting that increased intake of diet soda makes one crave things. Not crave things like broccoli and spring greens; but crave things like a glazed donut or cheesy, salty potato chips (sugar-binge, hello!). Quick question, who says you would’ve have craved these things without having drank the diet soda pop? No one that I am aware of.

Some may have been informed that the diet soda is altering the gut bacteria in a person, leading to insulin resistance and impaired glucose tolerance (i.e. diabetes). I wonder how this could compare to regular soda. I wouldn’t image the regular soda is doubling and tripling the variety of good bacteria, would you?

Some may feel the after-taste of a diet soda is quite unpleasant. At this point, we’re just getting personal.

I do think most can agree that the human body in general prefers water over diet soda or regular soda (fancy sugar or not).

My best recommendations is to hydrate your body appropriately with old-fashioned, clean water, and your body will thank you.

Don’t pay with Monopoly money, pay with liquid gold (water)!

If drinking plain water is like pouring Drano down your throat, spice things up! Try a fancy water bottle or a straw (my favorite is the swirly child-version) or use extra ice to keep it refreshingly cold or infuse it with cucumbers or melon or strawberries or basically anything at the farmer’s market.

Water > soda pop.

Reference: Pepino, M.Y. (2015). Metabolic effects of non-nutritive sweeteners. Physiology & Behavior, 152, 450-455. Doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2015.06.024

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