Thinking About Snacks

“I want to listen to you but I’m thinking about snacks.”


This sort of conversation is the worst. Talking with someone whose eyes are glazed over (which reminds me of a donut, of course). Drool starts slipping out the side of his or her mouth…that’s when you know you have lost all hope of any attention. Food has completely occupied that person’s mind.

All I can think about sometimes is food.

My painted pink nails start to resemble frosting. And next thing I know, I am sitting at a giant chocolate bar instead of my desk. The blonde next to me has spaghetti noodles piled nicely on top of her head. Maybe that’s why Ariel uses a fork for a hairbrush, for she’s just as flustered as I.

Okay, so maybe that is a bit extreme, but food can be exhausting. Thoughts of food creep up constantly, especially for those trying to manage weight or follow a specific diet.

Let loose of the reigns a bit to better control these food thoughts! Then, blink a couple times to deglaze your eyes and open those ears to listen.

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