Hunger Hormone-Ghrelin

” [Interventional radiologists] inject microscopic beads to block the blood supply to this spot where the body’s ‘hunger hormone’ ghrelin is produced.”

-NBC news

According to NBC news, there is a new no-surgery weight loss procedure that is being researched. This procedure decreases hunger by ~80% by blocking the blood supply to a specific location on the stomach. This blockage decreases the amount of ghrelin, the hunger hormone, that is produced.

If the best reason to eat food is for biological hunger, then blocking the hunger hormone ought to decrease the frequency of eating by feeling hungry less often…and perhaps full more quickly.

If only we ate for biological hunger ONLY. I may need blockage for psychological hunger as well :) By decreasing grehlin, however, people should feel more empowered to better distinguish between biological and psychological hunger. This procedure, like some weight loss medications, have potential to make it easier to stop swinging open the pantry door every time we walk by the kitchen!

For more information on this new no-surgery weight loss options, click here.


References: Radford, M., & Dio, P. (n.d.). New No-Surgery Weight Loss Procedure Shows Promise. Retrieved April 07, 2016, from

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