The Reward

“The reward of a thing well done is having done it.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

To some, food is viewed as a reward. Especially those foods that are saturated in chocolate sauce after having sat in the deep fat fryer for so long. You earned it after running for an hour straight and lifting 10 reps at your max (if that can even be possible). Either way, the work out routine was vigorous.

Did you actually earn that food, however? Nah.

Food is not a reward, food is a right. We need food to survive, and everyone has the right to eat the food he or she would like to without judgement.

To have a more healthy relationship with food, keep it separate from exercise. Have no reward for exercise other than a healthy heart, more controlled blood sugar, flexibility and coordination, etc. And on the flip side, exercise ought to not be a punishment for indulging occasionally on an appropriate portion of tasty treat (unless you missed a free-throw or field goal, in which case, take a lap!). Either way, you are compensating.

The reward of exercise is health. The reward of more nutritious food choices is health.

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