Every Single Night

“Why do they want dinner every single night?”



I enjoy being in the kitchen, throwing an apron on, and dirtying a few dishes. However, there are some times that I am exhausted. After a long day, stressed and frustrated and whimpering, I enter my house slumped and dragging. An apron sounds suffocating.

It would be easy for me to put the pedal to the floor and swing by the nearest burger joint. Extra cheese and up-size the fries, please. It has been a long day.

On the drive home, I would feel pretty guilty. Maybe the small fry would have sufficed. Or, maybe having a backup plan at home would be better for next time. Make a plan to make a change.

On those days that preparing a meal does not sound exciting, keep it simple.

Are there any simple meal ideas you keep on hand for these sort of days?

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