Favorite Place to Eat

“My favorite place to eat in my neighborhood is my sofa.”



There is nothing quite like double-fisting a bowl of popcorn and soda pop on the sofa while watching television. Before you know it, only a few corn kernels (that could crack a tooth or I would polish them off) and an empty can remain.

You may or may not have remembered even eating/drinking these. And ALL of these. With the TV blaring and the sofa cushions perfectly molded to your body, it doesn’t make it easy to keep food in focus.

When food and appetite are not the focus, it is very easy for eating to become mindless.

What other things could you be doing while watching TV to keep yourself entertained?

Pull off the seat cushions on the sofa or recliner and sweep out the crumbs that have accumulated. Your sofa can still be your favorite place in the neighborhood, but maybe not for eating!

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