Always Two Things

“I always want only two things: lose weight and eat.”


Food can be such a struggle. You have to eat to survive, but how much do you actually have to eat? What if I never leave my bed, does that mean I eat less? Or, if I run a gazillion miles today, I’ll burn calories, right? What is a calorie anyway? I understand it measures energy, but I’m not convinced peanut butter has to have 200+ calories. If I were holding the magic wand, food and weight would not be related.

Just the thought of food can be overwhelming and distressing for the majority of people.

I’m guessing that’s due to a few reasons—food is ALWAYS on your mind, you put forth maximum effort, and everyone has an opinion.

Admit it, there is a struggle; however, you cannot simply stop eating, cold turkey. You need to eat to survive, and you are making eating decisions constantly throughout the day. Start by acknowledging that this is tough stuff.

Let’s revise the initial statement. I CAN do two things: lose weight and eat. And it is difficult. And it will take time.

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  1. dori says:

    I also want two things: ice cream and a tiny waist. Life sucks :P

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