Do Good With Carbs

“I just want to do bad things with carbs.”


Those bad things may or may not include polishing off a box of a dozen deep fried donuts, piling spaghetti on a plate and cleaning the sauce up with garlic bread, or layering your mashed potatoes with creamed corn and gravy.

Carbohydrates are very difficult to control. When one loses control, he or she often feels guilty. Have you felt guilty after consuming a carb-heavy meal? More than likely, you felt sluggish as well. And, perhaps bloated.

To better control your intake for carbohydrates, balance them with the rest of your plate. Have a portion of protein and load up on non-starchy veggies. Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, summer squash, greens—the more, the merrier.

How much carbohydrate is appropriate for you?

A fistful. And yes, a fist-pump is a good idea. Throw it on up in the air.

Compare the size of your fist to your serving of pasta or potato. If this is the main source of carbohydrate, your fist can be a helpful visual for an appropriate portion for that carbohydrate. The higher the fiber in these carbohydrates, the better! Small glass of milk or fruit on the side? No problem.

It is DEFINITELY possible to do good things with carbs, challenge yourself!

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