Beggin’ for Bacon

“I knew it! Bacon cures everything!!


I was raised with a piece of bacon between the eggs and pancakes on my weekend breakfast plate. Over the last few years, however, I have come to witness bacon in more adventurous forms—bacon wrapped meat (chicken, beef, steak, etc.) that has been stuffed with cheese, bacon and maple glaze on top of a donuts, or even bacon wrapped around the stalk of asparagus.

Is this obsession resulting from bacon being the cure for everything? I doubt it. Is all bacon cured? Likely.

I would not consider bacon to be a quality source of protein due to its high fat content. Bacon is more suited to play the role of flavor.

Fat for flavor!

Have a slice or two, here and there. Not too many would argue against bacon being delicious, but is it nutritious? I wouldn’t recommend putting too much faith in bacon being the cure for all.

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