“Pinterest makes me hungry.”


For those who looked at the word “Pinterest” and were slightly confused as to why it would cause hunger, please click here. Go ahead and type your favorite food into the search box. Now are you hungry? I bet so.

Why do we see food and immediately feel the need to eat?

At these times, it can feel as if we will not survive if we do not consume that food as soon as possible. Not only Pinterest, but also, driving past a favorite restaurant or watching TV with an appetizing commercial can prompt thoughts to eat.

Would this be considered mindless or mindful eating? To help you better answer that question, consider who came up with the idea to eat that food. Was it the author of the recipe on Pinterest, the manager who decided to discount the double-dip ice cream this week at your favorite fast food stop, was it the marketing expert who put just the right light on the cheeseburger that is taunting you from the television, or was it you?

If it was your idea, perhaps it would be eating mindfully and listening to your body. If it wasn’t, I’d be tempted to say it was Pinterest that made your brain hungry.

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