I Hid My Food


“I hid my secret chocolate stash from my kids so well that now I can’t find it.”


This is probably best. Out of sight, out of mind. You don’t need it anyway.

I want to kick myself in the shins for saying that. Of course you don’t need it. Need is not the correct term to be using here though, it’s more of a want, and I am 100% okay with that.

Scale from 1-10 how great is this want?

Are you a 1 or a 2? Perhaps it’s best you hid the chocolate, it doesn’t sound like you will be gnawing off your arm without it.

Are you a 5 or 6? Perhaps the nearest convenience stores holds the treasure for you. Think about it on the way there. By the time you arrive, who knows, you may take a victory lap around the building and leave empty-handed.

Are you a 9-10? Perhaps next time you should tell someone (an adult, obviously)  you hid the candy. They can then provide you with a single serving to tame the beast.

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