Spoken Out of Hunger

“I’m sorry for the unkind words I spoke out of hunger.”


I do believe this would be considered hangry. Sure, some people eat in response to different emotions; however, there is a handful of people who experience an extreme emotional response when they are without food. That response is usually anger. Or, as you may know it, “hanger.” Hanger can be a terrible thing, but fortunately, it is not too complicated to fix. Hanger is corrected with food!

To prevent any unkind words from slipping out when you or a loved one is hungry, I recommend keeping some quick snacks on hand. I’m not talking candy bars and bon-bons. I’m talking an effective snack. It’s simple: have a little bit of carbohydrate to boost that energy level up and a small portion of protein to keep the hanger from sneaking back again within the next couple hours.

Examples of effective snacks to prevent “hangry” include:

  • Cheese stick with a small apple
  • Peanut butter spread on a few low-fat crackers
  • Plain Greek yogurt topped with frozen blueberries
  • Handful of almonds with a mini-bag of light popcorn
  • Almond butter spread on a small banana

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