“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.” – Rashaski, Zen Proverb


I can remember as a child when my family would sit around a small table for supper. Enjoying one another’s company (okay, maybe there were a few fights), we competed for the last bite of our favorite dish. Giggles and screams and conversation filled the air, but other than that, silence. There was not a television blasting in the left ear and a cellphone in the right. Even to answer the home phone during supper would have been viewed as a crime.

 Who has time for that kind of a meal?

I guess I should apologize now for being involved in far too many organizations for one person. I commit to too many evenings away from home, and away from my oh-so-favorite show that airs from 7:00-9:00 p.m. on ABC every Monday (girls, can I get an “Amen!”).

Drive-thru dinners, feasting in the car, spreading supper on the living room coffee table with the TV on, or even taking a walk with food are far from unheard of in this era. Does this bring mindfulness to the meal? Or rather, does this take food out of focus?

Consider this, when you are eating: do just that. Eat. Enjoy the food and enjoy the people.

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